I once had balls!

Sorry for writing this post in English, but I figured it’d be smarter to do it this way. Since I moved my blog to this new domain, I’ve been talking to a good friend of mine about all the blogs I’ve had so far. I started out with Freewebs, then moved to Genom, then Denisuca.ro, in the mean time I also started a blog on WordPress.com, I even have a Blogspot account… But today I visited my old Freewebs page and I was surprised to discover that more than a year ago, I actually had balls. And they were big, too. I mean, huge. How else could I explain the nerve to talk about my former employer like that?

The truth is that it was far from being the ideal job, but now I just couldn’t say all those things… I guess I got older and wiser.

If I were to leave my workplace now – and that won’t happen, Cip, don’t worry!, I would definitely not say bad things about my employer. Of course, there’s a big difference between my current employer and the one mentioned in that old blog post, but still…

Older, wiser and I’ve lost my balls. God help us!

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