Un nou album Scorpions, în primăvară

Dear Denisa,

the last few months on the road just flew by -and as always, it was fantastic and exciting to play for you. But now we are back in our studio in Hannover with our swedish producers Mikael Nord and Martin Hansen, to work on our new album. We have a lot of new songs and are very much lookong forward to the creative time ahead of us. Hopefully, when this time comes to an end, we will be able to present another awesome album that rocks and finds a place in your heart. If everything goes as planned, our new album will be released to the public Spring of 2010.

There’s more: This October, the world wide release of our new DVD „Amazonia -Life in the Jungle!” will be heading your way.

PS: you can find a Scorpions special spread titled „History: Scorpions” in the current issue of Metal Hammer.
PPS: Can’t wait to see our fans again on October 2, 2009 in the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany.

Until then, keep on rockin’

Yours truly, Klaus

5 thoughts on “Un nou album Scorpions, în primăvară”

  1. Zice că-i gata cu turneul, s-au băgat la studio, unde-i cald şi bine, deci se pare că nu vine pe la noi. Păcat, ar fi fost fain un concert Scorpions la Ribiţa, de exemplu. Sau la Băcia. Sau chiar şi la Boş sau Cinciş. Da’ dacă nu vrea, nu vrea.

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